January 3, 2018

Choosing A Fish That Matches Your Lifestyle: All You Need To Know

Nothing is more thrilling than putting a new fish in your aquarium. But, the decisions you will make can have a high impact on the failure or success of taking care of it. Unfortunately, a lot of new owners can make bad choices, especially in selecting the right fish type.

But, this should not happen to you. The two biggest mistakes you can prematurely make is getting a new aquarium and putting too many fishes at once. Or worse, you can also get the wrong fish that won’t suit your lifestyle. So, Pets in Live has come up with a complete guide to what you need to know before buying a pet fish.


How Many Fishes Should You Get?

When you are in a pet store looking at the most impressive, beautiful fishes, remember that you should shop in moderation. In some cases, only one or two fishes will fit in your tank. Once you establish the nitrogen cycle and your tank gets stable, you may add more fishes in your new aquarium.

But, you should also apply the same rules when you add the next types of fishes in your tank. Remember this word first: moderation. Put only a few at one time. Also, you do not want to shock yourself in dealing with new pets, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. That will give you a lot of time to adjust and to take care of your fishes.

Key Factors In Getting A Fish

New owners tend to opt for a fish with the most beautiful features and physical appeal. But, you should not do this if you are a beginner. It’s not that attractive fishes are inappropriate selections for newbies. However, there are some crucial factors you need to consider first. Here are as follows:

Factor 1: Water Conditions

Factor 1: Water Conditions

You need to know which water condition your fish can survive. It can be particularly true when you are just starting up the whole process of taking care of these fishes.

Factor 2: Fish Food

You should deal with a variety of fish food. Then, you need to choose which one is the easiest to feed.

Factor 3: Growth Of The Fish

The next thing to consider is finding a fish that will not grow excessively. You do not want to get a fish that will not fit in your tank after a few weeks.

Factor 4: Behavior Of The Fish

Factor 4: Behavior Of The Fish

You should not get an aggressive fish. Also, look for a kind that is compatible with other fishes in the tank.

Types Of Fishes For Beginners

Types Of Fishes For Beginners
  • Barbs: Rosy, Purple, Cherry, Gold, Ruby, and Tico Barbs are your first choices. You should avoid Spanner Barbs and Tinfoil because of their large sizes. Also, do not get Tiger Barbs because they tend to be aggressive to some fishes.
  • Danios: Leopard, Zebra, and Pearl Danios are our top picks. You should not purchase Giant Danios because it tends to grow large.
  • Rasboras: Scissortails and Harlequins are our primary choices.
  • Catfish: Gold or Bronze Corys, Bandit, Panda, as well as Spotted Corys are also excellent selections. You should avoid getting Plecos unless you plan on having a vast aquarium.
  • Rainbowfish: excellent choices for this type include Neon, Boesmans, and Celebes.
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnows: these fishes require less maintenance for busy owners.

Fishes You Can Add In Your Aquarium

Although the list is just limited, there are a lot of varieties you can choose. Once you can add more fishes in the tank, you may add other species. Here are some of the most famous fishes to get:

  • Catfish: A lot of catfish are quite sensitive when it comes to the start-up cycle. Some may also grow too large to be suitable for the first fish.
  • Goldfish: A goldfish is a cold water type that can give off a lot of waste. So, this means that it may need a large tank all to itself. The small goldfish bowl is not ideal for a goldfish to grow. If your fish choice is a goldfish, then get a tank with enough space.
  • Livebearing Fish: If you have kids at home, you may avoid getting a livebearing fish. It will need special conditions in salt water. Also, they may be prone to diseases, making them inappropriate as a first fish. If you want to raise livebearing fish, you should select a single species only.

Choose A Fish Wisely

Choose A Fish Wisely

When you head to your local fish shop, there are a variety of specimens that could make the selection confusing. Aside from the fact that they are beautiful, they are also appealing. But, be very careful in choosing the type of fish. Buying a fish out of your impulse will only be an ingredient to failure.

So, when getting a fish, it is crucial that you assess their health, behavior, and care needs. Do not stick to the idea of their color, exotic looks, and other physical features. In other words, you should research first which one is right for the kind of life you have. Choose wisely!

Consider How Big The Fish Will Get

A lot of hobbyists make unlucky errors when purchasing little fishes without the knowledge of their growth potential. Often, these small fishes can grow into huge, tank-consuming sizes that are hard to raise and care of in a home tank.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the maximum size of the fish once it reaches the adult stage, especially if you plan on putting more fishes. It is normal for a big fish to eat small fishes in the tank. So, keep that in mind when selecting the types of fishes in your aquarium. If one fish is too big for the other fishes, then the small fishes can serve as snacks.

Wrapping Things Up

When you follow these basic tips and recommendations in stocking and selecting fishes, these will help you avoid common errors in raising fishes. These failures will cause trouble to owners from different walks of life. That’s why there is a growing number of fish owners who would abandon the tank before giving it a full chance.


So, first-time owners should do it the right way. Remember that raising fishes will require a lot of diligence and patience. Rest assured, all of your efforts will pay off when your fishes grow vibrantly!

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