January 21, 2018

A Different Way To Walk Your Shiba Inu On A Leash

Walking your dog on a loose leash is something very few people think is possible for them. I’ve actually met people who told me to let the dog have some fun instead of holding him near me and going where I wanted to go.

They actually found rationalization to let the dog lead them and do whatever he wanted, but when he went to sniff some other dog’s mark they got all angry at their bad, bad dog. Well, what did you expect would be interesting for a dog?


Since the Shiba Inu is to never be let off-leash outdoors it’s vital to teach him to walk on a loose leash. There are two very simple, very effective ways to do this and they will probably take you 5-10 minutes to do.

If you just let the dog run amok he’s getting more and more frustrated because he’s trying to figure out how to be the leader. It’s not fun for him any more than it is for you, constantly being pulled everywhere. And I don’t even need to tell you what happens when you’re taking a walk with a friend. It makes you look very bad in front of them.

How To Walk On A Leash Without All The Frustration Of Constant Pulling

How To Walk On A Leash Without All The Frustration Of Constant Pulling

First of all make sure you don’t give him a choke collar because that will hurt his neck. Your Shiba Inu has a pretty strong dominant side so he will try to pull you everywhere until you show him the correct road. The leash should be of medium length, 6 feet is adequate.

Pick a command word for starting to move and say it. Now start walking and watch what happens. Did he move in front of you and start pulling towards some narrow edge of the road? If he starts pulling turn the other way and say the command word again.

You have to do this the instant the leash gets tight. He has no choice but to follow you now. If he pulls again turn again and say the command. Shiba Inus will try to keep pulling even after several of these turns, but eventually he’ll figure out that he never gets where he wants if he tries to pull you along.

A Different Approach To Walking On A Loose Leash With Your Shiba Inu

A Different Approach To Walking On A Loose Leash With Your Shiba Inu

A different idea is to give a clear signal that when he pulls he doesn’t get what he wants. Start walking and as soon as the leash tightens, stop. Simply stop moving. You don’t move unless he stops pulling.

He will likely keep at it a little bit, desperately trying to get you to the origin of that smell. Simply stand your ground until he stops; when he does, praise him for good behavior and start walking again. When he pulls again stop.


It’s incredibly easy to teach your dog to walk freely and never put any pressure on you, all you need is the right attitude and a little persistence. People will be amazed at the incredible control you have over your dog, you don’t even have to pull him anywhere.

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