March 10, 2018

Proper Playtime, Exercise, And Training With A Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are very active little dogs and you would expect they need lots of room to run amok. However, they are quite happy jumping off the couch and doing tricks in the house, though they need some additional exercise on top of that.

I think it’s safe to say that all Shibas prefer walks to eating. You will find that your Shiba won’t let you stay on the couch all day. They will nit-pick at your toes and whatnot, determined to get you off your laziness and into superman-mode.


Besides actual exercise which is good for you, honest, it’s also a great way to meet people. Many people, as they drift into their adult life, find that they have less and less friends and meet fewer and fewer people. When you think about it, where do you meet new people? Your dog is a natural public attraction; you’d be stupid not to take advantage.

Playtime For The Shiba Inu

Playtime For The Shiba Inu

During puppyhood he will look for vulnerable human body parts as his toys of choice. Fingers and toes are common, as are any covered and hard to reach excitables, such as toes in a sock.

If you’re in the business of preserving your flesh a visit to the pet store is mandatory. Stuffed animals, socks, shoe laces, tennis balls are fine choices, along with whatever your dog shoes interest in.

The breed is not inherently very destructive, but every puppy chews like there’s no tomorrow. Once you’re through the puppy stage chewing will drop to an occasional snag, which you should provide anyway with tennis balls and so on.

Training And Exercise For Your Shiba Inu Is Essential, Critical And Of Vital Importance

Training And Exercise For Your Shiba Inu Is Essential, Critical And Of Vital Importance

You must establish your position of control or you’ll have a hard time dealing with him. Housebreaking comes about easily as it’s something they do naturally. Crate training, taking him out first thing after a nap and after meals and you’re pretty much set. Keep in mind that even 5 week puppies can hold their bowels but not their bladder.

You might have some trouble attaching a leash to your dog. Restrain is probably the one thing they hate, however you will teach them that it’s good to be with you, even on a leash.

Start by adding a snug collar first and let him wear it for awhile. Then add the leash and let him run around the house without you. Next go for a walk where you go where he wants. All the while you need to reassure him he’s such a good dog.

Finally you can start controlling him when he’s on a leash, adding games, tricks and the all-important loose leash walk, crucial for you, that is. If you don’t train your Shiba it will be very hard to live peacefully.

Training And Exercise For Your Shiba Inu Is Essential, Critical And Of Vital Importance2

Agility games are the most compatible exercises and, once you teach them a few basic tricks you can have your very-own living-room agility course which he’ll love. Nothing beats having your very own living-room agility competition with your friends.

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