Why Should You Play Hide And Seek Games With Your Dalmatian

Playing games with your Dalmatian not only keeps him worked out and content, it also shows him how much fun you are. You are constantly coming up with new things for you to do and he’s in a continuous state of happiness just because he is with you.

This kind of relationship also builds trust and understanding. And don’t even think that you could get bored. If you ever imagined you would get bored of your dog at some point now’s the time to realize it can’t happen.

Not only are you coming with new and interesting things to do, you will see that because you’re showing so much affection and variety to your Dalmatian he will start offering new behaviors that are fun and entertaining.



Hide and seek used to be the deal when we were kids. This was probably the most played game in my neighbourhood, probably in your neighbourhood too. That and a primitive version of paintball. Ah, those were the days. You get a chance to relive some of the joy of hide and seek if you have a dog that knows how to stay.

This is another game that doesn’t require any form of physical fitness for either you or your Dalmatian. It can be done in your house, backyard or park. Wherever and whenever. It’s a very easy game but it contributes a big part to your Dalmatian’s mental workout.

How To Play Hide And Seek With Your Dalmatian

How To Play Hide And Seek With Your Dalmatian

For this game to work you need to teach him a reliable Stay command first. Otherwise he’ll come looking for you before you even leave the room. You won’t have time to hide!

Start by setting your dog comfortably in one place (comfortable means sit or down) and telling him to stay. Then you go hide and call him. When he finds you you praise him big time and give him a nice treat.

That’s all there is to it. But don’t start with hiding in the closet or something. At first, just go around the corner and call him. When he finds you praise and reward him.

One thing you have to look out for is hiding every time you say “Stay.” If you do that he will start associating stay with you wanting to be away from him. Then he’ll start following you around the minute you turn. Instead, sometimes come back to him after going around the corner and praise and reward him for a good Stay.

It’s important for the dog to realize that this is a game you’re playing together, you’re not trying to get rid of him. Once he finds you in easy places you can start hiding in tougher spots.

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How Is This Beneficial For You And Your Dog?

How Is This Beneficial For You And Your Dog?

To understand how this simple game is perceived by your dog you need to go into his perspective. What do you think he thinks? He thinks that he has used his senses to find his most beloved. What could be greater than rejoining with the pack?

This sort of simple mental workout is the foundation for a healthy Dalmatian. It’s also a great source of fun. Once he’s down with the game you can start playing with your kids and other people. Children absolutely love this game.

One thing you might not consider is that these games are a form of training. You are playing with new behavior which your dog must learn. The joy comes when he gets it, when he understands. In other words, when the “training” is successful.


If you had any misconceptions about how serious or boring training is this game should shed the light. Training is supposed to be fun. If it isn’t your Dalmatian won’t have a minute of it. Enjoy the pride of owning such a clever dog.

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