February 25, 2018

How To Walk Your Dalmatian On A Leash Peacefully

Dalmatians are often regarded as dumb and mindless, because they are not easy to train. However most people don’t realize that intelligence level has nothing to do with how easy a dog is to train. This happens between people as well, but just because someone isn’t willing to do what you want doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

Dalmatians are independent-minded and they always try to find means to their own ends. Couple this with a lack of leadership and no wonder it’s impossible to train him to do anything. To them lack of leadership might be more important than any other dog-related problem.


These dogs are clever, and are accomplished food thieves. You look away for 3 seconds and he’s already snatched something. The important thing you need to understand is that Dalmatians are smart, and learn quickly. The problem – why should they obey you?

How To Make Your Dalmatian Listen To You

How To Make Your Dalmatian Listen To You

Most of the time people tend to punish disobedience. If he won’t listen, he’ll suffer for it. I think they couldn’t have a worse idea. Not only will constant punishment make him fear you, but if he had any reason to listen, you can be sure that now it’s totally trashed.

Instead of constantly telling him what he’s not allowed to do and what a bad dog he is you need to reinforce what he does right. You need to answer the question “why” with enthusiasm and positive reinforcement.

​Luckily, you have leverage. Dalmatians are very people-oriented and want to be around you and spend time with you. So if he’s a bad dog you don’t have to punish him. All you have to do is ignore him. Piece of cake, right?

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Dalmatians Catch On Rather Quickly

Dalmatians Catch On Rather Quickly

If you ignore him he’ll start to wonder why. The clearer you are in your body language the faster he will correct his behavior. This is how you establish a pack leader status. He wants you? He must obey you.

One of the better habits you can get into is never giving him what he wants until he obeys something. People generally make their dogs sit before receiving anything. For example, if he wants to go out, first he must listen to you a little and then you’ll provide what he needs.

Dalmatians become very easy to train once they know it’s good to obey you. Their innate intelligence makes them a lot of fun to work with. One task many people have trouble with is walking a Dalmatian on a leash.

Walking Your Dalmatian On A Leash

Walking Your Dalmatian On A Leash

Dalmatians have a natural tendency to pull on the leash. Their independent mind and curiosity drives them towards every distraction they can find out there. In order to control the dog and stop him from pulling on the leash all the time you need to teach him that you’re in charge.

Here’s what you need to do. He’s on the leash, the leash is in your hand and you have started your walk. Next thing you know he starts pulling in some random direction. As soon as he starts pulling; stop. Stand still until he stops. He will likely keep trying to pull you for a while.

As soon as he figures out something is wrong and stops you start walking again. A few seconds later he will probably start pulling again. Every time just repeat the process. The catch is that you’re the one who decides when and where you go. So until he listens to you then you’re not going anywhere.


This fast and efficient method can bring your dog under control in as little as 5 minutes. For excessively stubborn dogs it might take longer. It doesn’t make a difference, just keep it up and sooner than you know it you will be relaxing your way through the park without ever having any trouble with your Dalmatian.

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