March 1, 2018

How To Train Your Dog To Live In An Apartment Peacefully And Happily

Having an apartment dog is not that unachievable when you know what you’re doing. Using proper exercise techniques and knowing what to do as well as what not to do will make adjusting your dog to his new home a cake walk. Dogs can live in an apartment as long as their exercise needs are properly taken care of.


Living in an apartment constricts you from a back yard and sometimes even from a nearby park. This limits your doggy exercise activities to walking, maybe jogging if you’re in a good area.

If you live in an apartment at an upper floor it becomes unreasonable to try and teach your pet to go outside. Therefore you have to house train your dog.

How To House Train A Dog In An Apartment

How To House Train A Dog In An Apartment

Thankfully most dogs learn house training pretty easily. The sooner in the dog’s life you start, the easier and faster he learns. Indoor training is the same as outdoor training. You need to have a rigid schedule so as to make your pet understand what you want.

Start by selecting a corner away from your pet’s other interest areas, like where he eats or sleeps. Dogs relish having to go to the bathroom where they eat, and rightly so. Equip the area with training pads or newspaper, depending on your preference.

Try to start with a larger area than required. Your dog might have accuracy problems the first few times he tries. As training progresses you can reduce the managed area. Now take your puppy there after meals, after he drinks water.

Also after naps and after you exercise with him. Many dog breeds start sniffing at the floor and become agitated, when it happens you know it’s time to take him to his special area. Don’t forget to take him there before bed.

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Once you got him there make him used to verbal cues such as “go do your business” or “go potty” and praise him cheerfully when he eliminates correctly. Until your dog can do everything on his own you can expect him to creep out of his corner. When he does startle him with a noise and then pick him up and put him back on his pads.

You should clean the pads or paper as soon as possible. However, in order to facilitate the learning process try to leave a paper with light markings. Many types of dogs have keen senses of smell and they use them extensively. The method will communicate to your dog that that is the proper place to “do business”. Such is the method on how to house train a dog in an apartment.

How To Keep A Dog Quiet In An Apartment

How To Keep A Dog Quiet In An Apartment

Keeping a dog quiet while you’re away for work might seem impossible and, depending on the dog breed and his prior training, it might be impossible to fully stop. Nevertheless you must be committed to follow a few simple guidelines if you want your dog to stop barking all the time.

It’s very important to understand that the dog has to want to please you in order to do what you say. Whenever you’re hurting him he gets scared of you instead of trying to please you. Then things take a turn for the worst, the dog barks louder than ever and you’re getting more and more frustrated.

Most dog breeds react negatively when you’re hurting them. Whenever he barks use a firm and negative tone and use a word like “quiet”, “enough” or “quit it”. He will likely try to bark again to which you must calmly repeat your command. Don’t give up and stay calm all the while repeating your negatively chosen word.

If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere use a spray bottle in conjunction with the stop command. Whenever he stops barking have him perform a known command like sit and then praise him calmly. If you praise him the instant the barking stops he will think you’re praising him for barking.

Dog breeds have different barking tendencies, and it is harder to stop a Dachshund that it is to stop a Retriever.

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