January 7, 2018

5 Of The Most Common Dog Behavior Myths Get Busted

Even in the world canines, myths do still linger. If you don't educate yourself, these fallacies might always fool you. Of course, it is necessary that you have to bust them. Otherwise, it might affect your interaction with your beloved dog.

Not all of us are animal experts. Some of us are pretty susceptible to believing everything that we hear from our neighbors and relatives. If you want straight facts, you should heed the words of professional dog trainers or veterinarians. They can tell what is the best for your pet.

If you are going to adopt a pet dog, make sure that you already know the basic facts and fundamentals. Are you still feeling clueless? Then check this article out. I have listed some of the dog myths that you should never give your cent.



Old Dogs Are Not Capable Of Learning Anymore

Old Dogs Are Not Capable Of Learning Anymore

It is a familiar adage that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. We even apply this to ourselves. It may be true for us. But for dogs, such statement is a pure fallacy. Old dogs can still learn new things.

If you strive to teach and train them, they are still capable of picking up. New sets of routines and activities can even be inculcated to their minds, especially if the dog is innately smart, such as German Shepherd.

Age is just a number. The learning process is always affected by different factors. Most of the time, your motivation as the dog's owner is a big thing already. Try a little harder. I am pretty sure that your dog will also try its best.

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They Think Like Royalties

They Think Like Royalties

Most of us believe that letting your dogs sit on your most comfortable couch or chair teaches them that they are royalties. Do not ever assume that. If properly trained, your dog can settle on any place of your house without doing any ruckus. Canines don't have massive egos. They will always follow your house rules. They want to preserve the harmonious relationship that you have.

But why your dog likes to cuddle on your chairs and couches? Well, you should also ask the same question to yourself. Your dog wants to be comfortable too. Moreover, they are more seduced to go there if you are near it. One good example of this is when you are lying on your bed. Once the creature sees you there, it will immediately pounce over to get close to you.

Of course, dogs are always territorial. They don't bark visitors just because the latter is sitting on the sofa. Instead, think of this as a typical aggression that shows their protective side. It should not be a problem. However, you should learn to control it as well.


Rubbing The Nose Of The Dog To Its Mess Can Help In The Potty Training

Rubbing The Nose Of The Dog To Its Mess Can Help In The Potty Training

That is a pretty silly practice. I don't know where people got the idea about this thing. It is hilarious and weird at the same time. You cannot teach a dog where to drop its mess in this way. Yes, your dog might find the smell repulsive, but it will never register in its mind that the place is a forbidden potty area.

What this thing teaches the dog is that humans can be scary creatures. If you force them to sniff their mess, they might fear you. It can cause rebellious behaviors, too. They might even poop in other rooms in your house. There are proper methods when it comes to potty training. You should always to the tested-and-proven approaches and not on some ridiculous beliefs.


Letting Your Dogs Fight

Letting Your Dogs Fight

Dogs fight each other in some instances. There are a lot of reasons why these skirmishes and scuffles take place. But as much as possible, you should always prevent physical aggression from taking place. Some owners let their dogs fight, thinking that it would settle their problems. Well, that is not the case.

Dog brawls should stop at all cost. However, you should not do it in a way that you will get in between them. You are just exposing yourself to risks. The best way to halt them is by creating a loud distracting noise. Alternatively, you should splash them with a pail of cold water. Their heads will cool off quickly.

But just like what they say, prevention is still better than cure. Therefore, you should investigate the reason why your dogs are fighting to prevent it from happening in the future.

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Dogs Only Responds To Treats

Dogs Only Responds To Treats

The misconception should be out from the surface of the Earth already. Dogs will be able to respond to commands even without the treats. At first, these things are essential to condition or catch their attention. But later on, they can grow independent from them. There are phases for this so you should not worry about anything.

There are other types of motivations that you can use aside from treats. Just make sure that your dog loves them. It could be their favorite toys or dry dog food. It could also be the perk of playing outside!

A reward system is an effective approach to taming any house pets. Fortunately, dogs can easily pick them up. After all, these creatures are naturally intelligent. It is not difficult to train them at all, especially that they also want to please their masters.



These are some of the common dog myths that we have busted already. You should never pay attention to them. Instead, you must do the prescribed methods of training and grooming your pet. If you want some assistance, get the help of professional dog trainers. They always have the science on their hand to ensure that you and your dog will have a healthy relationship!

Also, don't forget to shower these creatures with love and affection. Do not lead them astray. Do not inflict unnecessary harm on them, too. Hitting them won't help in disciplining them. It will just instill fear in their heart.

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