January 31, 2018

Can I Make My Pomeranian As A Show Dog?

The Pomeranian comes from the region of Pomerania, now part of Germany and Poland. The breed was originally a herding and sled dog, weighed as much as 30 pounds and had a thick, harsh double coat, which he still retains. At that time a relatively unknown breed, the Pomeranian was popularized by Queen Victoria during her reign.


It is she who made the Pomeranian what he is today. She is credited for both creating the miniature Pomeranian breed as well as popularizing it. A shift in temperament is also notable in the breed’s history, as today the dog is a great companion towards all family members. In the past, he was regarded to favor a specific person.

What Can I Expect From A Pomeranian?

What Can I Expect From A Pomeranian?

Pomeranians are loyal and territorial in nature. They take it upon themselves to alert you of any disturbances around the house. Their loyal nature gives them a strong desire to please, but they are somewhat independent-minded and can be stubborn.

People who know how to tap into the Pomeranian’s great desire to please find out he is very clever and has a lively spirit. Oftentimes, Pomeranian owners feel compelled to take part in competitive show dog events because they are so easy to train.

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Pomeranian Physical Characteristics

Pomeranian Physical Characteristics

Don’t let his size fool you; the dog is an active bundle of energy. Even in his small size the dog feels sturdy and compact. He is alert to any cues you might give him and curious about what’s what. In an ironic contrast between his size and weight (3 to 7 pounds) his gait is cocky and commanding.

His eyes are dark, almond shaped; sparkling balls. His signature trait is his thickly plumed tail, often set high and flat on his back. The coat is abundant from the neck to the chest, and on his legs and head it is packed tighter than on the body.

Are You Considering Exhibiting Your New Pomeranian Yet?

Are You Considering Exhibiting Your New Pomeranian Yet?

It seems to be a tendency among Pomeranian owners. Something about their dogs makes them get involved in the show dog world and once you’re in, you don’t get out.

A great bonding activity you can engage in, even if at first you’re just doing it to have fun and impress your friends. It always starts as playtime, but don’t disregard the possibilities of competitive sports.

Should I Breed My Pomeranian?

Should I Breed My 650eranian?

Most dog owners are intrigued by the thought of a cute litter of puppies. It’s both cute and profitable, you would think. However breeding any dog is a serious commitment in time and finance.

And, do you know that Pomeranians frequently require a C-section, and that you may be putting your dog’s life at risk? You would need a lot of information and after you have that you need a lot of time if you’re going to dedicate yourself to this practice.

Not to mention potential health problems which you need to know about. In any case, if you’re bent on this track it’s a good idea to maintain contact with your dog’s breeder as he can help you tremendously along the years.

If you aren’t going to breed your Pomeranian; then spaying and neutering is advisable. Although you should know that spayed and neutered animals are not allowed to compete in AKC Conformation classes, but there are no such restrictions in other events.

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