August 5, 2016

Do I Need To Get Dog’s Teeth Cleaned?

We all know very well how important it is for us humans to brush our teeth daily in order to maintain good oral health. But as much as we need this routine, oral hygiene is important as well for our beloved fur friends. So do I need to get my dog's teeth cleaned? Or did you know that doing this habit on your dogs is actually a key to his good overall health? 


Your Dog Doesn't Care About White Teeth

Your Dog Doesn't Care About White Teeth

Sure your dog doesn't even care about him having a shining shimmering bleach-white smile and not even conscious about his breath, however, taking care of your dog's oral health isn't just about him having those pearly whites and fresh breath. It's definitely more than just a beauty issue.

Just think about all the things your dog has been doing with his mouth-eating, chewing, playing, biting and more. Without proper care, their teeth could get weakened and fall out, gums can become inflamed and infection in the mouth can spread throughout the body leading to other health complications.

So if you want your dog to have a long and healthy life, keeping close attention to his oral health shouldn't be a chore for you.

Good Dental Health Is Important

Dogs aren't as prone to cavities as human beings are - That's a good thing. However, this doesn't' mean that they can't develop dental problems like plaque and tartar buildup as well as gingivitis. These dental problems may even cause bad breath as well as yellow teeth on your dogs but then these are not even something to worry about.

If these canine dental problems become serious, these can actually lead to life- threatening infections and complications that could affect the heart, liver, and kidney of our pet buddies which eventually develop into some disease. Thus, good oral health is a key to the overall good health of our dog friends.

Home Dental Care VS Professional Dental Care

Home Dental Care VS Professional Dental Care

Obviously, your dog can't really tell you when he has a toothache so it is important for you to take the initiative to keep his teeth clean. While the doggy doctor can do the job for you, there is so much you can do at home to prevent poor dental health of your dog.

Trips to the vet can end up being costly plus your dog will have to be put under anesthesia to be examined since working anywhere near your dog' s mouth can be risky. Home Dental care is one of best options to follow to keep your dog's mouth healthy.

Doing this yourself would be great in keeping your dog healthy. You can even make this routine as a bonding moment with your dog.

Getting Down To Brushing

Getting Down To Brushing

Brushing your canine dog's teeth should not feel like a chore for you and your dog. Instead, it should be a fun time for both of you. It's much better to start as early as possible in your fur friend's life so that he will be accustomed to the routine.

If you take things slowly and be patient enough, you can get your dog to do the task with you. Give him lots of praise and for sure after some time, your dog will eventually start looking forward to your next brushing sessions.

  • 4 Steps On How To Properly Brush Your Dog's Teeth:

Step 1 : Use only dog's toothpaste. Squeeze some onto the brush and allow your dog to lick it off. Use a finger toothbrush that is made for the pet. However, you can also use an ordinary human's toothbrush as well. Make sure that the brush you are using has soft bristles so that it won't harm your dog's gums. They could get a little jumpy while you are doing the job. 

Step 2 : Hold your dog's lips and gently rub the toothbrush up and down against his teeth and gums. Your dog may be uncomfortable at first but be patient enough and slowly let him feel the sensation of brushing. Do not force it out on your pet or he might get aggressive putting you in risk of a potential bite. Slowly and gently do the brushing.

Step 3 : Give your dog a treat.Talk your way to your dog. Motivate him by giving him reward even if he allows you to clean his teeth for only a few seconds. Make your dog feel accomplished by giving him treats that way he will look forward the next brushing session with you.

Step 4 : Repeat the 3 steps again on the next day and gradually increase the amount of time of brushing. Adjust gradually the time spent for brushing. Eventually, your dog will get accustomed to this routine and you will be able to have enough time to properly clean your dog's teeth.

A NOTE: Never ever use human toothpaste on your pet. Our kind of toothpaste contains fluoride in which if taken by dogs in large amounts can be poisonous. Since they can't actually spit and rinse even if you tell them not to, they will swallow everything that is put in their mouths. Using dog toothpaste that is often flavored with meat and other yummy flavors can make their brushing experience more enjoyable and brushing their teeth could even come easy for you too. So make sure to use only just that.


Always keep your fur buddy's health on watch. Even with at-home dental care routine, adult dogs should still have their teeth cleaned and checked professionally at least once a year to get total access to your dog's oral health. Keep in mind that a healthy mouth makes a healthy dog.

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