January 3, 2018

6 Of The Most Possible Causes Of Dog Snoring

Is your dog snoring? Well, you should not take it lightly and jokingly. After all, just like humans, a dog that snorts during his sleep is a sign of an underlying illness.

However, take into account that breeds with flat faces are susceptible to snoring. Because of their anatomy, the airways of their body tend to be short. As a result, the movement of air coming in and moving out is quite hampered. Snoring is one of the side effects of this unique body nuance.


So what dog breeds am I pointing here? Since we are talking about flat-faced creatures, it should include your pugs, bulldogs, and boxers. Also, you can consider other kinds that fit in the classification. When they snore, you can treat it as usual. But if you want to be on the safe side, have them checked by your local vets. They might spot something else that causes the snoring.

But what if your dog does not share the same anatomy as those breeds above? What if you notice them snoring in the middle of the night while you are cuddling in the bed? Can you consider this reasonable?Sadly, it might not be the case. If the snoring persists continuously, then you should take your beloved pet to professionals. The following health problems can also be due to snoring.




Similar to people, dogs are also prone from acquiring allergies. The triggers are varied. They could be pollens, dander, or dust. These things inhibit the proper breathing of dogs. Most of the time, allergies can induce snoring while they are asleep. But there are some cases where the allergy is extreme and fatal. You can expect that detrimental health issues could ensue once the dog exposes itself to these detriments continually.

Pet stores and local vets can provide prescriptions and medications to alleviate the allergy problem. You could also help in curbing the instances of allergy. If you have an air filter in your home, try to change it regularly. You should clean your surroundings from time to time and weed out any possible causes of allergies.



Red Worms

Dogs can get obese, too, especially if you don't let them play or run outside. The tissue build-up in their throats causes the constriction of their airways. You must not take it lightly as this scenario is potentially fatal. The accumulation of tissues and fats can result in the collapse of their tracheal ends.

There is nothing wrong when your pets regularly eat their dry dog foods or any other favorite treats. The problem here is the lack of exercise. When your dog becomes oversized, snoring is not the only problem that you should worry. Some other malignant effects could still rise and will eventually manifest.

You can solve this problem by making your dog active. That's the best way to settle things. There's no need for you to worry about the dog's diet since you have the control over it. Why not teach your dog the sport of retrieving?

This activity would not only exercise his physiques, but it can also stimulate their prey-drive instinct. They can become old-school canines that will never yield to any dangers!


Issues In The Teeth

Dental problems could also affect the breathing of your dog. Apparently, a rogue tooth can become an obstruction in the mouth of your pet. That is a form of abscess would eventually become a blockage to the airways. The primary symptom that can get attributed to it is snoring. However, that is just the start.

Professional vets always see these rogue teeth as abnormalities. They should not be there since dental growth should follow a specific order. These teeth are prone to infection. If no immediate intervention is possible, these malignant growths can result in further complications.

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Aspergillosis is a type of fungal disease that affects both animals and humans. You can acquire this hazardous fungus by sniffing in the invisible mold spores that are usually dwelling on compost piles and hay. There can't penetrate your skin, but they can breach through the linings of your nasal cavity. The same mode of entry applies to dogs.

Aside from snoring, aspergillosis also induces painful irritation in the nasal region of the dog. Fortunately, there are known treatments that can be prescribed to your dog to treat this disease. But at the end of the day, prevention is still better than cure. Cleaning your surroundings would eliminate the presence of these detriments.


Common Cold

African Nightcrawlers

If your dog is feverish or having colds, it is quite "normal" for them to snore. The irritation and inflammation caused by the cold can lead to sneezing, runny noses, and of course, snorting. You can't treat a cold, but you can always treat its symptoms. You just have to get your dog rested, or you could take him to your local vet for proper treatment.



Your dogs like munching things, regardless if it is food or not. It is a common sight already for dogs to seize on anything that captures their interest. But of course, these items can become potential debris that can lodge on the throat of your pet.

The snoring is just a minor symptom. You should instead worry that these objects can hamper the dog's breathing. Immediate intervention is required here.



Dog snoring can always be reasonable, especially if their anatomy forces them to do so. However, it is still necessary that you have this symptom assessed. After all, you can't be sure of things yet until a professional can take a look at them. If you seriously love your furry buddy, then providing him/ her with the proper care and attention can make a difference.

I don't want to make any dismal comments or conclusions here. Snoring can happen whether you like it or not. Maybe, the snores of your dog are just due to their sleeping position. Therefore, when your dog starts the engines, the best thing that you can do is to stay calm.

If the case is isolated, then there is nothing that you should become worried about during this scenario. But then again, if the symptoms persist, consult your vets already, especially if your dog is not a pug or a bulldog.

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