March 5, 2018

Why Is Hiring A Professional Dog Groomer So Expensive?

There are many reasons why groomers charge you what they charge. They are not trying to rip you off. There is a good explanation as to why pet grooming prices for dog grooming can be expensive. Yes, your haircut does not cost near as much as your dogs can.

Think of it this way, if your whole body was covered with hair from head to toe, your stylist is bound to charge you more for your haircut. There is no comparison when it comes to your dog's haircut vs. yours. Considering some of the services that are required when your dog is being groomed, it's probably a good thing that there is no comparison between your haircut and your dogs.


I’m sure none of you would want to have your anal glands expressed. Not even sure humans have those, but nonetheless it wouldn’t be pretty. Also dogs need their sanitary area shaved. Has your stylist had to clip that area for you? If so, I bet it cost more than having your dog groomed.

Why Is Dog Grooming So Expensive?

Why Is Dog Grooming So Expensive?

So now that I have your attention and it's obvious that certain services go way beyond the average human hair cut, lets explore some other reasons having your dog groomed professionally can be expensive. Dog grooming prices can average anywhere between 15 to 100 dollars depending on breed, size, coat, services performed, and how much hair you want taken off your dog.

Reasons Why Dog Grooming Expensive?

Reasons Why Dog Grooming Expensive?

A very important question is how often do you brush your dog's hair at home? Would you walk out the door with your hair all tangled and not brushed? One of the biggest issues that a groomer goes through at a saloon is dealing with a dog with a matted coat. Some coats can be so bad it's considered animal neglect or even abuse.

In some cases (not all), if the matting is bad enough the whole dog would have to be shaved. Shaving a matted dog can be a timely process for the groomer. You have to be very careful when shaving a matted dog, especially when the mats are close to the skin, there is a risk of cutting the dog or even burning the skin with the blade. Any groomer will charge extra for a dog that is matted.

If you want to avoid extra cost at the grooming salon, be sure to brush your dog at home as often as possibly. Especially if it's a breed that can mat very easily. Not only is this a good thing for your dogs skin, it is also a great bonding experience for the both of you.

Reasons Why Dog Grooming Expensive?2

Grooming is an extremely physical job and can be a tough business. I can probably assume that you never have bitten your stylist before. At least I hope not. I also can probably assume that you sit very still and listen to your stylist when they tell you to turn your head to the right or tilt your head down.

Dogs are not always considerate to your groomer. It takes lots of patients and ability to be a groomer. You never know what your client will do next. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but this is one reason why grooming can become so costly. You never know what your client is gonna do from one minute to the next. Groomers take a risk everyday of being pooped on, urinated on, scratched, bitten, and much more.

Grooming can be a tough business. I am guessing that you have never bitten your hairdresser. At least I hope you haven’t. I am also guessing you tend to sit very still while your stylist cuts your hair.

Well, your dog may not always be as considerate of the groomer. Being a groomer takes great patients and the ability to guess what your new client might do next. While this may seem trivial it is one reason that dog grooming can seem costly.

We never know what a new client is going to be like until we have finished grooming them. We take a chance everyday of being bitten., scratched, urinated on, and much more.



So next time you are off to the groomers with your dog, do be so quick to complain about the price. You are definitely getting your money's worth. Most groomers are underpaid as it is and work hard for their money. They take good care of your pet and show them unconditional love through out.

If some grooming prices are still too steep for you, considering maybe learning how to groom your dog at home. It wouldn’t surprise me if you came running back to the groom shop after your first try at home. Until you have groomed for a living, you probably won't understand what all goes into making your dog show dog material in just a few short hours!

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