December 30, 2017

6 Preparations To Make Before Bringing Home A New Dog

If you're considering adopting or purchasing a new puppy there are some things you should do ahead of time to make the transition as peaceful as possible.

New puppies are a lot like babies in that everything is new to them, they are often times easily frightened, and they require a lot of care and attention, particularly in the first few weeks as they adjust to their new environment. Even if you have owned a dog before, it is always advisable to make sure that basic preparations are in place before you bring a new puppy home.


Below are six of the main preparations you should put in place before bringing home your new dog.


Food And Eating Area

Food And Eating Area

Among the most basic essentials for all living creatures is nourishment, so make sure you have not only food but bowls and an eating area in place before you bring home your new dog.

Ideally you should have a specific location with your dog's food and water bowl. It is recommended to have a place mat or cloth underneath the bowls so that spills do not ruin any carpeting or flooring nearby. If you have a free area in the kitchen, that is always a great place for your dog's dishes.

It is important that your puppy can rely on a consistent location for eating and drinking so that they can learn more quickly and easily where things are, so set up this area in a location that will not have to be changed frequently, if at all. Be sure to always maintain an adequate supply of clean water and wash your dog's dishes thoroughly once a week or so, as this will help your dog stay healthy.


Sleeping Area

Just because your dog is an animal doesn't mean he wants to sleep on the cold hard floor. Be sure to have, at the minimum, a dog bed available for your puppy. Make sure that this bed is the appropriate size but that it also leaves room for growth in the first few months.

If your new puppy has a comfortable and safe place to rest it will help with the transition period and make your new dog feel more at home and relaxed. Having a quilt or blanket of some kind is also recommended, but make sure that it doesn't have too many loose ends or fringed edges as puppies can often chew on these and that can become a choking hazard for small dogs.


Bathing Supplies

Bathing Supplies

Keeping your new puppy clean is of utmost importance, so make sure you have shampoo, towels, and other bathing and grooming supplies before you bring your dog home. Check with your veterinarian for recommendations regarding which shampoo would be the best option for your new dog.

Always be sure to bathe your puppy in lightly streaming water that is room temperature or lukewarm, not freezing and not too hot. Be sure to bathe your dog at least every week or two so that the risk of infection, disease, and other health issues is mitigated.

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First Appointment To The Vet

Give puppy a chance to settle in, but after a few days you will want to take your new dog to the veterinarian to ensure that there are no health issues, that all necessary vaccinations are completed or scheduled, and that any special attention your dog might need for any existing conditions is learned right away.

Ensuring the health of your pet is of utmost importance and an initial checkup will put you at ease and help set a foundation for the care of your puppy.


Play Items

Play Items

Don't bombard your new dog with a room full of toys, but have at least a few available that are appropriate for the age and size of your dog. Let your new puppy explore and play with the toys as this will give you a good indication of what kind of toys your dog prefers. On subsequent trips to the pet store you can pick up more toys as you become more aware of what your dog likes.


Potty Training Preparations

It is advisable to have a doggy door already installed and to have a designated spot in the yard where you take your puppy to do its business. Training your dog to potty on a leash from the outset will save you much time and hassle in the future and having one area where your dog can go for that purpose will save you time in cleanup. Indoor potty pads are also recommended as they can save your carpet and flooring and are excellent tools for potty training.


These are six basic preparations you should make before bringing a new dog into your home. By following these basic steps and having the preliminary groundwork set, the transition of bringing a new pet into your home will be much smoother than if you have to run to the store every five minutes once your dog is already home.

While these steps may seem basic, in the excitement leading up to bringing home a new pet simple things can be easily forgotten. Go down this checklist before the big day so that you, your family, and puppy can have a great first few weeks.

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