February 22, 2018

How To Keep Feed Your German Shepherd To Prevent Food-Related Health Problems

A German shepherd can develop many health issues if he’s not being fed right. Overfeeding is a problem many dog owners face, and many natural instincts people have, with regards to what food they give their dog, are incorrect.

Overfeeding is a problem for people, so it’s somewhat logical why many dogs also have problems in this regard. Whatever the reason, excess weight is very dangerous for a German shepherd because it puts his internal organs at risk; he has an increasingly higher chance to develop heart disease, and his lungs can be severely affected as well.


Most feeding problems appear because of a lack of knowledge of the proper rules by the general population. Regardless, most of these problems can be corrected by applying the following steps.

How To Feed Your German Shepherd The Right Way

How To Feed Your German Shepherd The Right Way

There are three stages of development in a dog’s life that require different diet and exercise schedules. During puppyhood the dog will eat a lot more and will be highly active; an adult dog has normal food and exercise habits and an older dog can require special diets and doesn’t need nearly as much exercise.

Make sure you pick up high-quality food. They cost more but you feed the dog less because there are more nutrients and the dog assimilates better. This is both good and profitable.

You probably don’t have a steady diet, and you probably don’t have regular eating times. It affects you even though you may not be aware of it, and if you do have steady eating times you know how important they are.

Your German Shepherd is the same, only he will have many more problems from an irregular eating schedule than you will. Don’t worry about hunger pangs for your dog; he only needs a couple of meals daily as long as he has a balanced diet and a regular schedule.

How To Feed Your German Shepherd The Right Way2

Always put your dog’s food and water bowls in the same place. If you have crate trained him, then that’s the best place. Also, if you have more than one dog give them separate food and water bowls, you don’t want them fighting over food.

You already know you shouldn’t overfeed your German Shepherd. And you should also take care not to over-treat him. Too many treats will add unnecessary and unhealthy weight. Same goes with too many supplements and too many vitamins. Make sure you consult with your veterinarian on these topics before you decide to go crazy on supplements.

Also, never give your dog the food you eat. He might be hard to resist with all that crying, but he doesn’t know how harmful your food can be to him. Anything from dairy products to chocolate can have harmful effects on his health.

How To Feed Your German Shepherd The Right Way3

Last but not least, establish a 15 minute deadline. Give your German Shepherd food and, if after 15 minutes he stopped or walked away, he has had enough. When he does, make sure you take the bowl away and throw the residue. You need to take the food bowl away so you don’t promote food guarding.

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