July 28, 2016

Can Dogs Have Human Vitamins?

Just like us, we want to stay fit and healthy and for us to do that we need to watch out what we eat and take the necessary vitamins. Sometimes we think that eating the right food with the nutrients we need is already a form of vitamin intake, but it's not.


It is safe to say that feeding our dog with a meal we deem healthy should not replace vitamins. We probably ask ourselves sometimes if dogs can also take the vitamins we take?

It has only recently crossed my mind if any vitamins were solely manufactured for the benefit of dogs and other animals. So I did a slight research and found out that there are certain supplements that dogs can take, however, not all vitamins are safe for them to take as well.

Yes, There Are Some Human Vitamins That Dogs Can Take

Yes, There Are Some Human Vitamins that Dogs Can Take

Some antibiotics that are safe dogs to take, but before you give any medication to your dog, you should always consult your veterinarian first. Antibiotics have always known to be a very strong medicine which is why you need to know the right amount of dosage your dog needs depending on his weight and breed.

The antibiotics that are safe to take are Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, Ciprofloxacin, Clavamox, Otomax, Penicillin, and Tetracycline. There are two known supplements that are definitely not safe for dogs: iron and zinc. It can cause severe permanent damage to your dog's health if those supplements are ingested.

Some cases have reported that aspirin and Benadryl can be taken by dogs. You should keep in mind that medicines were not made for the use of dogs or pets that is why it is never safe to assume that the vitamin you are taking is safe for your dog.

How Can Human Vitamins Benefit Dogs?

It may sound surprising, but antidepressants don't only benefit humans but dogs as well. Antidepressants can help suppress a dog's aggression and separation anxiety. But medications like this should never be long term. It is only good for temporary use when it is necessary.

Anti-cancer medications are also sometimes prescribed for dogs because it can extend the length of the dog's life just like its purpose for humans with cancer. Medicines for joint pain like glucosamine, osteoarthritis, and chondroitin are usually prescribed for dogs who are suffering from torn ACL or injuries to the spine.

What Kind Of Vitamins Are Harmful?

What Kind Of Vitamins Are Harmful?

Before giving your dog any kind of medication, you should always check if it has iron and zinc in them. Water soluble vitamins usually contain Vitamin B1 and are supplements that can be safely taken by dogs and usually has no serious, long-lasting effects, but you need to make sure that it does not contain iron.

However, fat-soluble vitamins can be fatal to your dog's health. Vitamins A, D, E are fat soluble and are stored in the dog's body. Too much of these vitamins can cause serious health issues. Only vitamin A and D are known to have a poisonous effect on your dog's body. Too much Vitamin A can cause dehydration and joint problems while Vitamin D can cause bone damage and loss of appetite.

How Will I Know If My Dog Needs To Take Supplements?

How Will I Know If My Dog Needs To Take Supplements?

Remember that too much vitamins will not make your dog healthier. Too much intake of vitamins can cause health issues that is why you cannot just give your dog human supplements as maintenance. There are, however, a few reasons on why dogs can benefit from supplements.

For example, your dog is lacking certain minerals and calcium that is when your veterinarian will prescribe a vitamin supplement. If your dog has joint problems, it can cause discomfort and can hinder your dog from doing outdoor activities.

Health issues like this should not be taken lightly because it can cause more serious health problems in the long run. Your local veterinarian should prescribe a supplement that can improve your dog's joint health.

Has This Article Helped You Address Any Of Your Dog's Health Issues?

Has This Article Helped You Address Any Of Your Dog's Health Issues?

If you have different kinds of medicines at home, you should keep it out of reach for your dog. Ingesting different kind of medications can be fatal for your dog's health if not treated immediately.

The problem with a lot of pet owners is that they don't like going to the doctor for a regular check-up that is why it is not in their nature to take their dog to the veterinarian when it is needed. But I have always been the kind of person who would go to the doctor for the smallest symptoms that alarm me.

I used to depend on Google for medical help, and that didn't turn out quite well for me. Although there are a lot of helpful articles on the internet, that should never be your primary source when it comes to giving your dog human medicine.

I have experienced getting sick and relying on past prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that you can buy without a prescription from your doctor, but the only that happened to me is I got sicker. Some medicines work on some people while some don't which is why going to your doctor is vital and you should do the same for your dog.


Perhaps this article has raised some disturbing issues that you may not have noticed that your dog is suffering. It is always safer to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any kind of vitamins. If your dog has any experiences in taking human vitamins, please share your stories in the comment box below!

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