July 23, 2016

Are Bones Good For Dogs?

I think one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to feeding dogs is that chewing andeating bones are safe for them. It is also a common practice to give leftover food to dogs especially the kind of food with bones in them.


A lot of people have never even considered or wondered what the possible risks are that could happen when dogs chew bones. Is it safe or healthy? Not knowing the answer to that question seriously alarmed me.

Just like us, we want to make sure that whatever goes into our mouth is safe for us. I just think it is only fitting to extend the same safety measure to our dog.

No, Bones Are Not Safe

No, Bones Are Not Safe

There are a lot of obvious risks that can happen when your dog chews a bone, especially when it is cooked because it makes it more susceptible to breaking easily when bitten. One of the most common cases is broken teeth.

Damaged teeth can lead to a lot of dental infections and veterinary dentistry is not as cheap as visiting your local dentist. Chewing bones can lead to bones breaking down into sharp pieces which are very dangerous when it is ingested.

However, this is not just limited to cooked bones. Raw bones can be just as dangerous. But there are safety measures that you need to follow if you are still considering on feeding bones to your dog.

Bones Can Kill Your Dogs?

Bones Can Kill Your Dogs1

This is an x-ray of a bone stuck in a dog’s stomach and scratching his stomach lining Via hotspotmedia.co.uk

There have been many cases where bones get stuck in the dog’s stomach. Dog owners often don’t consider the size of bone they are feeding to their dog. Big bones can be just as lethal as small bones.

When a big bone gets inside the stomach it may get stuck in the intestines and the only process that can remove the bone is gastrointestinal endoscopy. Once bones get stuck in the windpipe, your dog will not be able to breathe and can choke to death if not attended immediately.

The most fatal thing that can happen to your dog is when he develops peritonitis. Peritonitisis when fragments of bones get stuck in the internal organs and it needs immediate medical attention. If not treated immediately, it will kill your dog.

Is There Any Safe Type Of Bones?

Is There Any Safe Type of Bones?

Chewing bones for dogs is just as natural for us eating unhealthy food. We all know that the unhealthier a food is the more we want to eat it. Raw bones can actually be healthy for your dog if you know which types of bones are proven to be safe.

There are only two types of bones that you can feed your dog: edible and recreational. Edible bones are usually found in chickens because they can be soft like cartilage and easily chewed without leaving sharp pieces in your dog’s stomach. Recreational bones are only for the purpose of exercising the muscles of the jaw.

It should never be chewed or swallowed but believed to benefit the oral health of your dog. Chewing recreational bones is like getting a good brush because the meat attached to the bone acts as a natural cleaner for your dog’s teeth which actually makes it healthier and stronger.

Just because recreational bones are considered safe and healthy for your dog does not mean that it does not come with risks. That is why research is so important to me. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow to ensure the safety of your dog’s health.

Benefits Of Eating Bones

I am a firm believer that you cannot just cancel out every unhealthy thing that doctors and nutritionists say is not good for you. I believe that in order to live a happy and healthy life you just need to learn how to balance things out and that also includes what you eat. The same goes for our dogs.

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that what we feed to our dog is both healthy and enjoyable. That is why I previously wrote an article about homemade recipes that are easy to make and will match to your dog’s taste.

It is believed that there is actually a high amount of calcium found in chewing raw bones. Aside from the fact that chewing bones keep your dog busy, it is indeed beneficial to your dog’s oral health. It can also save you from a very expensive session from the veterinary dentist! But you should never consider bones as a meal for your dog. In fact, bones should not be fed to your dog on a daily basis.


Bones will always be part of a dog’s life that is why as a dog owner you should never be too sure when it comes to your dog’s health. Researching from time to time will allow you to gain new and helpful knowledge that could not only beneficial for your dog but for you as well. You just need to take note on what kind of bones are safe to feed your dog.

Remember, bones are very essential to a dog’s life. It keeps them occupied especially for puppies. You can feed bones to your dog two to three times a week only, nothing more than that. The saying, "Too much of anything is not good" applies to pretty much any situation and it certainly applies to this.

You just need to be careful about what you feed to your dog and make sure everything is well-balanced. I really hope that this article has addressed any concerns you have for your dog. If you have a comment, please do not hesitate to comment on the box below!

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