February 6, 2018

Find Out If A Golden Retriever Is Right For You

Many people have problems figuring out which dog breed is the best for them. Unbeknownst to them they get a puppy who turns out far from ideal. Broken with heartache, they reluctantly give up the now grown up dog and sadly put the chapter in the “one time is enough” pile.

The secret is becoming informed before you decide to purchase a puppy. To find out if a Golden Retriever is the right breed for you think about the following issues. If you feel that the Golden Retriever is the ideal breed for you then proceed with impunity.


Keep in mind that the goal is to help you figure out if this is the right dog for you.

What Are The Potential Problems I Should Look Expect?

What Are The Potential Problems I Should Look Expect?

Golden Retrievers are people oriented dogs. And they are not the only ones; isolated dogs seldom thrive. It’s time to get that out of your head, no dog is happy to be alone while you are away working. They need to be part of the family, you can’t just forget about them because they are not toys.

If you spend most of your time outdoors then you need to figure out a way for your Golden Retriever to share that with you. If you are accustomed to spending your time indoors than your Golden Retriever will be there also. But if you are a house potato keep in mind that they need need quite a bit of exercise, more on that later.

Early training and socialization make a big impact on the way your Golden will handle himself at home or in public. Make a commitment to expose your puppy to as many people, situations and other animals as you can. Early obedience training is an excellent idea because it allows you to naturally meet lots of other people and their pets as well.

The Golden Retriever is a large dog and should he be ill behaved he would be a danger to everyone around him. That’s why it’s such a crucial point to take care of in raising your puppy.

Golden Retriever Exercise Levels

Golden Retriever Exercise Levels

If you have a very active lifestyle then you fit the description of the perfect owner, at least as far as exercise goes. Golden retrievers are very active, more so than most people realize. They are also prone to obesity so exercise is doubly important.

If you are passive then you need to change your lifestyle. Your dog will require a moderately high amount of exercise every day. Not only that, but Goldens are working dogs, they need some sort of job.

Jogging, trotting behind a bike and on steep climbs or descents are great activities. However do not force exercise on a puppy until he is two years of age. The activities I just mentioned are not suitable for young puppies. This is the time when their bones are growing and over-working will cause abnormalities in an otherwise healthy dog.

Instead go for swims, walks on soft surfaces and casual hikes on flat ground. Another great idea, this one is part of their natural instinct, is retrieving. Golden retrievers are great at retrieving. And you’ll like how all you need to do is stand there and fling your arms around every now and then.

Other Things To Consider With The Golden Retriever

Type Of Home Makes A Difference

Type Of Home Makes A Difference

It’s fine if you live in an apartment, but their needs don’t change. They still need room to run and play. They still need an outlet. Visits to dog parks, brisk walks (regardless of weather) are still necessary. If you’re prepared to do that then you’ll have a lot of fun with your new dog.

If you live in a house with a yard keep in mind that even large yards will not incentivize your dog to exercise himself. You still need to spend time actively playing. And you also need proper fencing. If you don’t have fencing your dog will chase wildlife and will easily become a road hazard (or worse, a road victim) and so on.

Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retrievers are known and famous as reddish blond coated dogs who love everyone. This is true, for the most part, they crave affection from their owners and are sometimes a little too friendly with strangers.

But temperament issues have become much more common since the breed has become much more popular. The most common of which is shyness. It can go as far as fear biting. To avoid this kind of behavior you need to have a well bred dog that you properly raise. He shouldn’t have strong guarding instincts.

What To Expect In Terms Of Grooming And Shedding

What To Expect In Terms Of Grooming And Shedding

Fact is that golden retrievers shed a lot. They shed all year round. Make time for extra brushing and vacuuming, or else the dogs hair may even crawl its way into your food.

This breeds lifespan caps around 12 years. Golden retrievers also suffer from a number of genetic diseases, those are covered here golden retriever hereditary diseases.

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Once you’ve taken all of these factors into consideration you are now ready to make the decision to buy a Golden retriever.

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