January 24, 2018

Why Should You Adopt An Adult German Shepherd Dog?

Since the German Shepherd dog is prone to so many health problems, and most of which onset after a couple of years of age, it’s very reasonable to consider adopting an adult German Shepherd. Raising a puppy all by yourself is not only time-consuming and frustrating, it’s also rather expensive. There are a lot of vaccines the German shepherds need and it’s quite hard to manage the chewing that will be going on.


Chewing takes place naturally for puppies because, as they grow up, their teeth also grow. They need something to chew on; so you need to provide them with toys and you need to be prepared for some of your stuff to be obliterated.

Why Choose An Adult German Shepherd Over A Puppy?

Why Choose An Adult German Shepherd Over A Puppy?

The old cliché that rescue German shepherds have something wrong with them is really no excuse to paint them all with the same brush. Most times it’s not the dog that had the problem, it was the owner. Not enough time, too much stress and a poor understanding of what they were supposed to be doing are all common reasons people come up with to abandon their German shepherds.

The biggest benefit is that you already know how the dog’s health is. With puppies it’s always risky, even from respectable breeders. Another great benefit you get without any hassle is, in a word, housebroken. Puppies need a consistent schedule and even then you’re still going to have a lot of accidents.

Have I mentioned chewing? Adults do no chewing because they’re already fully mature and they’ve had time to learn that television wires, shoes and carpets are not good things to play with.


Don’t forget about the vet trips. Puppy shots, rabies shot and a trip to be altered. Throw in a couple of emergency trips whenever he chews something dangerous and you won’t realize it but they’ll add up to a significant amount. An older dog will most likely have all shots current at the minimum.

One big thing is you can’t know how a puppy will turn out to be, what kind of temperament he will have and if he will be what you hoped for. You see, the thing is that rescue centers are full of puppies who turned out different than what the original owners expected. That’s why they couldn’t manage the dogs anymore.

And if you thought chewing on your stuff is bad wait till he starts chewing on your children. They have needle sharp teeth and rather sharp nails that will make Band-Aids more plentiful in your house than salt grains.


If you still think a German shepherd puppy is the best idea for your sweet, small children consider the following.

Say you get a 10 week old puppy who is about 15 pounds and your child is two years old. In six to eight months the puppy will be as tall as your child and will outweigh him by roughly 30 pounds. Couple that with little to no control over behavior and chewing habits and the recently sharpened teeth. There is no need to go on, I’m sure you get the picture.

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