February 5, 2018

Dalmatians – Your Dotted, Stylish Apartment Companions

Dalmatians are medium sized dogs with a smooth coat and the unmistakable black dotted coat. This unique feature comes in two possible colors – either black or liver (chocolate brown).

Dalmatians like to keep themselves clean and hold almost no odor. They shed year-round and should get regular brushing during this period to minimize shedding.


These canines have become famous both as movie stars and as the firefighter’s best buddy. Contrary to popular belief, these dogs are smart and cunning. They are not very easy to train because they are not exactly motivated to obey you.

The Usual Temperament Of A Dalmatian

The Usual Temperament Of A Dalmatian

They are territorial but not aggressive. The breed is quite hardy and doesn’t require much upkeep. Dalmatians are people-oriented and they love to be in the center of attention, at the family’s side.

He will feel very bad if left alone outside or on a chain. They can’t stand being ignored and will quickly develop weird behavior if you do so. They also have a really short coat that makes them somewhat vulnerable to extreme weather.

Some people think that owning a dog consists of keeping him outside and patting him when you feed him. However dogs are social animals that want constant reinforcement of their position in the pack.

What Are They Like To Live With In An Apartment?

What Are They Like To Live With In An Apartment?

They can adapt to almost any environment. Be it apartment, house or farm you can be sure they will be happy, as long as you provide good conditions. They are very high-spirited and will actively search for ways to go around the fence and start wondering around.

This and the fact that, should they get out, they almost never find their way back make a very strong case to compel you to always keep them under control. Of course if you’re in an apartment it’s pretty unlikely that he will punch through walls but keep in mind that if you live on the ground floor they can jump out the window easily.

Buying A Crate For Your Dalmatian

Buying A Crate For Your Dalmatian

A so called crate is usually a welded wire house in which your dog can stay when you’re not around to supervise. This crate will become your dog’s den. This will help tremendously with keeping him under control when you’re not there. However you need to make his house a pleasant place and he should never be punished when he is in his crate.

An apartment dog will love his own little den and you get a lot of benefits from it. A subtle advantage is that dogs don’t like to mess their own bed, so he will hold his own when he’s in his crate. Another benefit is that you may want to keep the dog confined at times or you may want to take him with you in your car. Don’t forget to buy a crate that will be large enough for him even when fully-grown.

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General Care For Dalmatians

General Care For Dalmatians

This is a pretty easy job. It’s quick but it should be done regularly to keep him feeling his best. First of all they need bathing 3-4 times a year at most. When bathing them start at the head and work your way down towards the tail.

Second of all they need a moderate brushing every other day. This will help with shedding as well as put a nice gloss over him. Trim his hooked nails and check his ears once a week. If the dog starts digging at his ears and you can feel a strong odor take him to the vet to see if he has an infection.

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Common Dalmatian Health Problems

Common Dalmatian Health Problems

Dalmatians have two health issues. One is congenital deafness which makes it virtually impossible for the dog to lead even a remotely normal life. They can also have partial deafness in the sense that they will only hear with one ear but this isn’t a problem since before people had no way of testing this and never even knew of it.

The other problem consists of a direct excretion of uric acid without conversion into urea. This means that they can develop kidney stones and toxemia however they pass them relatively easy.


Contrary to popular belief, Dalmatians are quite intelligent and learn to obey new commands relatively quickly. Obedience training and socialization are very important so make sure your dog gets plenty of it. Dalmatians are great apartment dogs but are not limited to this type of residence.

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