February 15, 2018

How Well Do Whippets Adapt To Apartment Life?

Whippets are medium-sized dogs that belong to the gazehound family. They can weigh up to 45 pounds and stand roughly 20 inches tall. They have a life expectancy range between 12 and 15 years which is a relatively long life for a dog.


They are similar to the Italian Greyhound in appearance and gracefulness but are larger and stronger. They have a long and fairly wide skull. Their muzzle tapers into the black nose. Their nose can also be dark blue or brown, however both are usually dark enough that they seem black all the same.

Their teeth match in a scissors bite, similar to so many other dogs and their ears are folded and held backwards. They have cat-like feet, straight legs and a long tail for balance.

Coat Style And Grooming Needs Of The Whippet

Coat Style And Grooming Needs Of The Whippet

The coat is short, smooth and can come in any color. White, red, black, slate blue, tigered white, solid color or a mix of more and so on; there is no limit to the range of colors available for a Whippet.

Whippets are very easy to groom because of the short and smooth hair. All you need to do is brush the coat with a bristle brush and use damp chamois regularly, to keep the coat shining. You need only bathe when you deem necessary. Interestingly, Whippet coats don’t hold odor. These are great boons for apartment dogs, and they are average shedders too.

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Whippet Temperament And Apartment Adaptability

Whippet Temperament And Apartment Adaptability

These canines are lively and energetic yet clever and obedient. They bond with their family deeply and behave calmly and obediently around the house. Whippets are sensitive dogs, they don’t react well to rough training and can develop psychological disorders.

They like games and playful activities, especially when involving children. They are tolerant regarding tease but not indefinitely. Whippets are great apartment dogs if they get enough exercise.

They can also live with a yard but they are hunting dogs and will pursue cats and other small animals on sight. Thus a closed fence is important. However cats that they grow up with will be left alone.

Exercise And Training Abilities Of The Whippet

Exercise And Training Abilities Of The Whippet

Whippets are unmatched in acceleration and turning speed. They are deft and quick at running and should be given the opportunity to run around in a controlled environment at least twice a week.

Training goes best when you include games and other fun activities. They are clever, obedient and understand new commands quickly. Whenever you’re out on a walk be sure to keep them on a leash because otherwise they will hunt any small animals they find.

While Whippets can develop small dog syndrome and other behavioral problems if you know how to take care of them there’s no risk whatsoever. Be sure to check him with the veterinarian regularly as they are prone to stomach problems as well as skin diseases.


Whippets are talented sprinters, especially good at acceleration and quick turns. They love to play and run but are calm when indoors. They are great apartment dogs, easy to train and low-maintenance overall.

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