January 23, 2018

Shiba Inu For Your Apartment – Little Drama Queen With A Special Scream

The Shiba Inu originates in Japan and is the smallest of the six unique, recognized breeds from Japan. He’s a small but quick dog who copes well with rough terrain. Since they were originally bred for hunting they kind of had to.

The breed is among the few ancient breeds still alive. As such they have traits normally associated with ancient dog breeds. The most common and visible examples are independence and cunning.


The Varying Temperament Of The Shiba Inu

The Varying Temperament Of The Shiba Inu

Shibas are active and lively, they have a confident attitude and are bold and independent. They like to run, especially away, and do everything they can to escape from their enclosure. It’s a good idea to secure your dog whenever you’re opening the door because they can’t wait for the opportunity to escape.

They can easily disappear for days. Some can even climb chain fences. They also have a very strong prey drive and will try to hunt small animals whenever they catch wind of it. Shibas are sometimes aggressive towards other dogs but can coexist with cats. Though if they see the cat starting to run away, you know there’s a good chance the dog will bolt after it.

They behave rather tight with small children and can easily become scared of quick movements and high-pitched squeals. However older children are good Shiba Inu companions and you can expect them to get along well.

Unlike other types of dogs they are not cuddly at all. In fact they don’t like to be touched and grooming can be a nuisance. They like to sit beside you, but quiet solitude is fine with them.

How About The Shiba Scream

These guys are generally quiet but make good watch dogs since they can identify an emergency when it arises. Apart from this they also have their distinguishing Shiba scream.

This is a high-pitched wail which goes off whenever the dog is unhappy. And they can be unhappy for many reasons, the quirky little drama queens. Concordantly they can give out a similar scream when they’re especially happy, for instance when their favorite guest has arrived.

General Care For Shiba Inus

General Care For Shiba Inus

Shibas are meticulous with themselves. They want to be clean, enough to start licking their legs and paws, just like cats. They tend to go out of their way to make sure they’re clean yet don’t second guess the opportunity to roll in a puddle of mud. They’re also very happy with swimming.

Puppies are very easy to housebreak and may even do so by themselves. This is a great advantage for an apartment dog. They only require occasional brushing but they shed a lot. And I mean a lot. Be prepared to swim in hair and don’t be surprised if one day you find that even butter can’t escape the Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Obedience And Training

Shiba Inu Obedience And Training

The dog is clever so, theoretically he should be easy to train. Well, they understand new stuff fast enough but they don’t enjoy it one bit. Your best bet is to start obedience training early in their life.

But even then don’t expect them to enjoy it. They don’t really like to be told what to do and it’s very hard to train them off leash, since they also have that strong instinct to run away.


In general, research is key when picking a pet reptile. There are hundreds of great species to choose from and you're bound to find one that meets your needs.

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