February 19, 2018

How To Figure Out Whether Pomeranians Are Right For You

The top aspects when considering whether or not Pomeranians are right for you are time, awareness and willingness to take proper care of your new family member. Obviously your schedule is of utmost importance because the Pomeranian’s most prominent trait is his craving for human affection.

There’s no questioning it, you’re going to love your Pomeranian. He’s a great entertainer and teaching him a new trick is very satisfying. However, improper etiquette can make even the cutest dog a nightmare.


Playing with that sack of fur is so enjoyable you can almost forget about the scratched furniture and the dead shoes. And you would think that so much fur is going to be hellish to deal with.

But once you understand how to prevent any unwanted behavior and you realize you have the tools to do it, you’ll see that Pomeranians aren’t hard to take care of. Owning a Pomeranian is a big commitment, if anything for having to be careful not to step on him.

Is The Pomeranian The Right Breed For You?

Is The Pomeranian The Right Breed For You?

The first thing you notice is the abundance of fur. You immediately expect him to shed and shed and shed. But the truth is it only takes a few minutes, two or three times a week to keep any furniture hair-free.

The other important thing is trimming their nails. Pomeranians require infrequent bathing so he’s really not high-maintenance. You might feel like you want to get rid of the excess fur between their paw pads and whatnot but it’s really not a big issue.

Proper Care And Training Of Pomeranian

Proper Care And Training Of Pomeranian

However, Pomeranians teeth tend to build up a lot of tartar, so you’ll need to brush their teeth and make a trip to the vet every once in awhile. If you have your veterinarian show you how to brush your Pomeranian’s teeth properly, you can check him up once every couple of months.

Always keep your dog on a leash. This goes for any dog breed; if you’re outdoors you need to keep him on a leash. Even if you’re completely confident in your dog’s training and awareness you shouldn’t let him run loose.

Pomeranians are quite fast and have no regard for incoming traffic and quarreling with bigger animals; which they almost always lose. In case he does manage to get away make sure he has an ID collar and maybe even a microchip implanted. Pomeranians don’t usually run away but you can never be sure.

Giving The Right Food To Pomeranians

Giving The Right Food To Pomeranians

One thing you need to look out for is spicy food. These types of dogs have small stomachs and are easily upset by junk food of any kind. Also avoid tidbitting them when you eat. They have their food, you have yours.

They beg for you to give them something because they don’t know the difference. You do. If you disregard this important rule you’re going to find yourself quickly hopping in the car for an emergency trip to the vet. Make sure your friends know this as well, as most of the time they “treat” your dog with food when you’re not there.

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