February 17, 2018

How To Co-Exist With Your Chihuahua Peacefully

Living with a dog as part of the family requires a little more than an extra bowl for food and some extra cleaning. A Chihuahua doesn’t have such high demands concerning his general care as some other dog breeds. However you need to be aware of their vulnerabilities and how they behave.


There are lots of benefits to owning a Chihuahua as opposed to some of the other dogs but there are also things you need to watch out for. For instance Chihuahuas don’t hold dog odor, generally. But they are very small and you’ll need to take care of them around big dogs and other dangers.

Chihuahuas live very long lives and are quite sturdy and healthy. Obviously accidents can happen but they don’t suffer from many health problems and are quite cautious about where they put their feet.

How To Live Peacefully With A Chihuahua

How To Live Peacefully With A Chihuahua

Chihuahuas can be wonderful family pets or insufferable pests. They are a little more single-minded than other dogs but that doesn’t stop them from befriending the whole family.

However, small children make them wary because of the unusual behavior. You need to teach both your child how to behave and your Chihuahua that it’s safe to play with your child. Then they will spend time together happily.

Your Chihuahua will be quite apprehensive of strangers. In my opinion they definitely need obedience training and a lot of socialization early on. If they lack that they will definitely be aggressive to strangers and you won’t have any way of controlling them.

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How To Deal With The Problem Sides Of Your Chihuahua

How To Deal With The Problem Sides Of Your Chihuahua

Your dog might have destructive tendencies. This happens because you’re not providing enough entertainment. It’s the same as people; if you don’t have something to do you figure something out for yourself. The only difference is what they think is fun might not be what you had in mind.

If you find your dog likes to chew and scratch stuff give him more things to do. Play some new games together, spend more time with him and give him some chewing toys. Also beware of leaving any electrical wires within reach. You might trust them to leave them alone but they only need to venture too far once.

They need some grooming and occasional bathing. Both smooth and long-coated varieties shed year long so they need relatively frequent brushing. They don’t hold doggy odor, though, so bathe them only when you deem necessary.

One thing to look out for is, because of their small size, dust and dirt tends to get into their eyes. Nothing to worry about, they have tears to get it out of there. However these tears can irritate the skin under the eyes. All you need to do is wash the hair under the eye periodically.

Of course, exercise caution when you’re travelling with your dog and use your judgement in unique situations. If you think a situation is dangerous for your dog simply leave.

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