February 8, 2018

Crucial Tips For German Shepherd’s First Encounter With His New Home

When you first bring your new German Shepherd dog home you need to be aware of a critical adjustment period he is going to go through; which usually lasts about two weeks. Whether you’ve chosen a new puppy, or have adopted an adult German Shepherd, he’s going to go through this adjustment time.

Especially if you’ve adopted an adult dog, who has had a previous owner, this period will be very stressful for him. To ease this transition and make it a smooth ride for both you and your new dog. Here’s what you can do to provide a little comfort and make his personality shine.


Be Careful Not To Overwhelm Your New German Shepherd

Be Careful Not To Overwhelm Your New German Shepherd

One of the biggest issues dogs have to deal with when moving into a new home is overwhelming information. There’s new people, new things, a different place and new pets and they usually come all at once.

In this situation he can become fearful even if your family is open and caring and loving and doesn’t look like they want to harm him. Also, you can’t know how your other pets will react to the new family member. Instead, introduce them one at a time.

Start with your home and then work your way to familiarizing him with his new life. If you have other pets keep both of them under control in case there are problems. Once you see they get along you can relax and let them enjoy time together.

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Changing Diets Can Cause Digestive Problems

Changing Diets Can Cause Digestive Problems

It’s a good idea to keep giving him the same food his previous caretaker was giving him and gradually change it to his new food. However, it might be impossible to get same food.

In that case, what you can do is mix some rice in his first few meals to facilitate digestion. Your German shepherds shouldn’t have any problem with his new food anymore.

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Keep A Close Eye On Him And Get Ready For Anything

Keep A Close Eye On Him And Get Ready For Anything

Even if he was housebroken it’s quite possible to have a few accidents on your hands. Your job is to reassure him that nothing is wrong, and teach him the best way to go about it.

Don’t punish him, and don’t discipline what he did wrong. The key here is to be patient and understanding. Give him time to adjust; it’s not an easy time for him.

Be Aware That He Might Try Running Away

Care Level

It’s a great idea to get your dog a microchip. If he already has one make sure you update its registry. It takes time for your new German Shepherd to think of his new surroundings as his home.

If he ever gets loose it will be almost impossible to track him down because he won’t try to come back to you. In any case, it’s always better to take all the precautions you can instead of wishing you did.

Lastly, don’t enroll into training classes until this adjustment period is over. When his real self starts to emerge you know he’s ready to have some fun.

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