December 23, 2017

Ten Reason To Own A Dog That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Dog lovers know there are plenty of reasons to hang out with their canine friends. But for those of you on the precipice, these fun facts might be enough to coax you over the edge into dog ownership. Plus, these facts are backed by scientific studies and you cannot go wrong with that.

These 10 reasons to own a dog are for your own health.



Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

There is a reason dogs are used in therapy settings. They provide comfort to those who need help healing emotionally or physically. They do so by lowering anxiety and worry. When in the presence of a loving pet, all the negatives in life seem to temporarily lessen.

The University of Miami uses pet therapy to help students cope with their feelings of homesickness. Some hospitals even allow dogs in to visit with chronically ill patients to brighten their spirits.


Heart Protectors

Did you know that dog owners have a lower risk of having a heart attack and a lower risk of suffering from heart disease? You can thank the kind people at the American Heart Association for the results of this study. To them, anything that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease is a good thing, dogs included.


People Walkers

People Walkers

Many dog owners will tell you that the dog walks them. This is a good thing because, without a dog, you may be less likely to be active. Most dogs need to be walked and therefore their owners get more exercise. Even if your dog has a yard big enough to run, you are more likely to take a trip around the block since you can take your furry friend along with you.


Cancer Detectors

Almost everyone knows that dogs are used to sniff out things like drugs and bombs, but are you aware that they can also sniff out cancer? Some studies found that dogs can be trained to detect both lung and breath cancer by sniffing the breath of those who might have either type of cancer as compared to those who do not. They can also be trained to detect prostate cancer in urine. If you did not have faith in those powerful nostrils before, now you should.


Stress Reducers

Stress Reducers

Researchers found that dogs help lower stress levels. They do this by increasing the feel-good hormones circulating through the body. Spending time with your pooch may also lower the production of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone. Play fetch or spend some snuggle time on the couch with your canine companion; it's worth it.


Blood Pressure Controllers

Blood Pressure Controllers

Research has found a correlation between pet owners and lower blood pressure. Although there is not an exact reason for why this might be the case, one explanation may be that the stress relief gained from spending time with your dog results in lower blood pressure. Dogs make wonderful companions, and companionship tends to lower stress levels.


Immune System Boosters

In a study that compared college students who regularly petted dogs to those who petted a stuffed animal or nothing at all, it was discovered that petting dogs may help boost the immune system. Perhaps this is because it increases your exposure to certain types of common bacteria and germs, which in turn boosts your immunity to those germs.


Service Dogs

Those with certain health issues can rely on dogs to help keep them safe. Dogs are excellent companions to those who suffer from seizures because they can sense when one is about to happen and alert their owner or others before it happens.

This is particularly useful for people whose seizures are not as noticeable to the untrained eye. They can also do things like detect peanuts in foods before someone with a severe peanut allergy accidentally eats one.


Physical Protector

Dogs are excellent protectors. They love their family beyond many human loyalty levels, and if they sense that their family members might be in danger they do not hesitate to protect. A good guard dog can keep you and your family out of harm's way. Never forget that physical safety is an important part of remaining healthy.

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Faithful Friendship

Faithful Friendship

Nothing provides more comfort at the end of a long hard day than the feeling of acceptance by a good friend. Dogs provide that sense of belonging, never thinking twice about doing so. Your dog will provide a faithful friendship like no other until the day he or she dies.


If you were waiting for one good reason to own a dog, you are now armed with at least 10 of them. Owning a dog is not only good for your happiness, it is also good for your health in more ways than one. Go ahead and take that leap. See if your overall health improves because of it.

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