January 28, 2018

Top Things To Consider When You’re Thinking Of Buying A Chihuahua

Being the smallest dog in the world, people are bound to consider the Chihuahua sort of a half dog, and are surprised and annoyed that such a small creature could be so confident and outgoing. Chihuahuas aren’t exactly outgoing, and they are quite cautious around new people and animals, but they are not afraid of a challenge and won’t back down, even if the opposition is a lot more sizeable.

This can actually be a problem because they will probably lose any confrontation with another dog. You will need to condition some safety measures to keep him safe. The Chihuahua should be lively and spirited and looking for a good temperament has become top priority for Chihuahua breeders.


Chihuahuas are not reckless in any way. They like to size up the situation and are suspicious with strangers for the first few minutes. But they are still curious dogs. They love to investigate new stuff, and this is totally natural. Every dog should have some curiosity, no matter how well his owner trained him to ignore distractions.

Are you thinking of buying Chihuahua? Here are some useful things you need to know first before buying a Chihuahua!​

General Tips On Taking Care Of A Chihuahua

General Tips On Taking Care Of A Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are highly intelligent and don’t take well to being treated like idiots. You want to have a stimulating environment with plenty of fun things to do. Whenever you’re outside you should keep them on a leash because they can easily get in trouble.

Chihuahuas need crate training if you’re planning on leaving them alone, and let’s face it, who stays home all the time, every day? Preventing boredom is important for any dog, but Chihuahuas are particularly destructive and bark a lot when they’re bored.

For this reason it’s a good idea to train them, at least in basic obedience. They are totally capable of it, and in further articles we’ll suggest lots of fun things you can do together.

Aside from fun there’s some general care you need to go through, but it’s nothing compared some larger breeds. The main thing is that you need to keep him safe. He’s a lot sturdier than he looks but he can’t stand up to bigger dogs.

How To Buy A Chihuahua

Are You Thinking Of Buying A Chihuahua?

Buying a new dog is not as easy as people think. Many sellers are actually trying to take advantage of you and don’t really care if the dog utterly destroys your house and your nerves. They come in many forms.

Pet shops are the most impertinent, since they’re out there in the open. They count on the initial shock you have when you see a puppy. They function based on impulse buying. The dogs you see there have horrible lineage, have been raised locked up in a cage, with no socialization or any care whatsoever.

There are many others, but instead of talking the bad ones let’s take a look at the good ones. Respectable breeders are happy to show you the mother of the puppies you want to buy. They will answer any question you have and can certify that they have done their best to ensure a healthy, good natured puppy.

Are You Thinking Of Buying A Chihuahua?1

In no case you should buy before you take a look at the dog. Buying a Chihuahua is a big deal; he’ll be with you for over 10 years. This isn’t something to take lightly. Additionally, respectable breeders will ask you a lot of questions to determine if the Chihuahua is right for you. And will refuse to sell you a puppy if they deem you unfit to handle one.

Crested geckos are normally pretty cheap to set-up and maintain. Smaller snakes also tend to be inexpensive to care for, including corn snakes, hognose boas, Kenyan sand boas, and ball pythons.


Choosing to own a Chihuahua is a big investment, not because of the price tag, but because of the time, energy and love you’ll devote to his well-being. Chihuahuas are wonderful companions, and, if you raise your dog correctly you’ll find he’s even more than you imagined.

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