February 7, 2018

German Shepherd Apartment Dogs, Can This Setup Work?

The German Shepherd has a good record of being able to do a variety of tasks, from watchdog to guide dog, police dog to tracking dog he has done them all. Furthermore he excels in what he does because he has a strong desire to please.

They have a solid physical structure with strong scissors bite, well rounded chest and muscular body. This allows them to tackle any job and, coupled with their natural intelligence, makes them be obvious choices for such tasks. Their body goes for about two feet and they stand as high as 25 inches at the shoulders. Overall a well-sized, strong breed.


What Is Your German Shepherd Going To Be Like?

What Is Your German Shepherd Going To Be Like?

German Shepherds are brave and powerful dogs. They are always alert, always on the watch and don’t back down from a challenge. They love their owners and they want to be obedient and pleasing, they are eager to learn from you and develop strong bonds when doing so.

The dog is clever and happy. He is seldom troubled and very faithful, he wants you to count on him. For this type of dog early socialization is a good idea since while he bonds tight with his family he can grow suspicious of strangers.

They are generally great with children as well as other pets and can adjust to any weird combination of pets you might think of. However beware of dogs that lack obedience training. If they have passive owners who don’t take care of them they will become shy and can develop guarding issues.

There have been accounts of attacks on people due to poor training and uncareful handling. In truth such problems only arise when the dog doesn’t have an authority figure and when he lacks exercise.

German Shepherd Apartment Dogs, Can It Work?

German Shepherd Apartment Dogs, Can It Work?

Most of the time they can adapt to living in an apartment but it’s much better for him to have at least a medium-sized yard. Here’s the deal, the breed is so clever that he can herd sheep, be a guard dog, do police work, be a service dog or work in the military.

They can even sniff out underground mines and alert their handler in time. So you can imagine why they have a job-oriented drive. They need something to use their physical and mental energy on. This is why it’s unlikely that he will thrive in an apartment, however he can do okay if you take care of his training and exercise.

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German Shepherd Intelligence, Training And Exercise

German Shepherd Intelligence, Training And Exercise

German Shepherds need obedience training early. But it’s easy to do since they are among the most trainable and smartest breeds. In an apartment they become more lazy and need to be constantly compelled to work out.

You will be surprised at how fast he learns and how easily you go through the basics. Make sure to reward him for good behavior to encourage him to keep it up, and to help him make a strong connection between accomplishments and rewards.

As far as exercise goes German Shepherds love to work. They love a good challenge and it’s best if you combine walking or jogging with some form of training. They are adept at learning tricks so this gives a good pool of potential activities right away.

They need a long daily walk or jog. Most love to play frisbee or play ball. Fetch is also a common and good activity for your dog. In any case, whether it’s frisbee or some more advanced tricks you must provide your German Shepherd with at least a daily walk and some constructive exercise.

German Shepherd Grooming And Shedding

German Shepherd Grooming And Shedding

He sheds a little every day and is a heavy shedder seasonally. He doesn’t need too much bathing because it can negatively affect his skin due to oil depletion. However they need regular brushing to prevent that pesky hair from sticking to all the furniture.

One interesting note is that a good diet will make his coat shine and will also prevent skin problems. The best diet for a German Shepherd is to cook fresh, preservative-free food. It doesn’t take much time to cook but it’s much better than buying average foods.

Still you should know that an adult dog will eat around 40 pounds of dry dog food per month. A good recipe is to cook a casserole containing of 500 grams of meat, a potato and some green beans. You can also include a carrot, some celery and some Gravox to ensure a balanced meal. This needs to be cooked for one hour to facilitate digestion.


Overall German Shepherds do okay in apartments if they are exercised properly. They like a medium yard better than sitting indoors and don’t like to lay on the couch doing nothing. It’s very easy to train them and they are extremely loyal to their owners. Should one properly take care of their dog one will find an excellent companion in him.

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