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How To Make Your Dog Get Along With Your Cat Peacefully

Many people think that whether dogs and cats get along is subject to chance, or, perhaps, destiny. While a secret, all-out war between the local cats and dogs sounds like a good idea for a movie most cat and dog pet combinations are surprisingly calm. However the idea wasn’t born out of thin air. You occasionally see a wild chase usually resulting in the cat taking shelter where the dog can’t reach her.

Don’t You Think Cat Likes Love More Than Food?

Don’t you think cat likes love more than food? Our pets are akin to eating. Although it is an amusing thing, it should not surprise you anymore. If you have pet cats, you probably know already how much they want their feline food to be close to them. They love to eat meat, whole grains, and fish. If you can offer them tasty cat foods, they would dig it too. You can always assume that eating is the world to them, and there's no way that we can snatch it.

Play Therapy For Cats

The cat is, above all else and on the most basic level, a predator. Some experts would argue that she is, in fact, the ultimate predator. The cat in the wild uses every skill in her repertoire to survive. “Stalk, Hunt, Catch, Kill, Eat” makes up a major portion of her day.

The cat is also, of course, prey. As a small animal surrounded by larger animals who are almost as cunning as she is, a cat in the wild can fall victim to many dangers. She is not only in peril of becoming someone else’s lunch, she is prone to parasites and disease, to weather extremes or to man-made dangers like cars. The life of a feral cat is not an easy one.