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Holiday Hazards For Your Pets: Simple Tips To Keeping Them Safe

Whether you have one pet, or a home filled with four-legged critters, there are many things to consider during the holiday season to ensure their safety. You may be planning to decorate your house, prepare a big meal, or open your home to visitors. All of these situations warrant some additional planning on your part to help keep your pets safe.

Here are some tips to help your holiday season go smoothly by avoiding that emotionally wrenching, time-consuming, and costly trip to your local veterinarian.

December 14, 2017

Is Your Cat In Pain? Important Signs To Look For

Cats are smart, affectionate and deeply rewarding pets. They also can be very difficult to read when something goes wrong. It is not easy for a cat to tell us when they are in pain, and where it hurts. Cats, due to survival instinct, tend to hide their pain. A cat in the wild who shows signs of weakness presents himself as vulnerable to predators.

In a feral colony, such cats may be a detriment to the strength of the colony as a whole, and are sometimes driven away to protect the group. Thus, cats will often protect themselves by hiding their pain until their situation has become quite serious.

November 26, 2017

Best Vacuum For Pets – Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

Pets are the best companions to have around your house. But keeping pets like dogs and cats means that you have to put up with having to clean their hair regularly. Pet hair can be a huge bother in the house, especially to those who have allergies, as it can be dangerous in some cases.

Therefore, if you are a pet lover who wants to maintain a clean house, then you have to invest in the right equipment to remove the pet hair from your home.