January 6, 2018

Don’t You Think Cat Likes Love More Than Food?

Don’t you think cat likes love more than food? Our pets are akin to eating. Although it is an amusing thing, it should not surprise you anymore. If you have pet cats, you probably know already how much they want their feline food to be close to them. They love to eat meat, whole grains, and fish. If you can offer them tasty cat foods, they would dig it too. You can always assume that eating is the world to them, and there's no way that we can snatch it.


Always free to think that food is the only thing that is running in your cat's mind. But don't you find it unfair when you assume that cats only care about themselves? After all, these creatures do still have a heart. Don't you believe me? Then science would tell you otherwise.

Just recently, the publication Behavioural Processes of Oregon State University has released a study that suggests that pet cats always look out for love rather than food. Specifically, young cats tend to seek parental attention first before treats.

The researchers of the particular study told that the cats are capable of being sociable, albeit being aloof. But of course, there are given conditions that they should set here. In short, you need to know what makes them tick. So what are they? Just scroll down to find out the answers.



Closing their eyes and shutting themselves from the rest of the world are some of the favorite activities that your cats would like to do on a regular basis. Even if you don't give them treats, your cat will remain cool as long as you let them sleep. Unlike dogs, cats are not really that physically active. Although their bones are not tired, they would still like to lie around and do nothing.

Of course, this is not just a claim derived from a whim. Most of the pet cats can spend 12 to 15 hours a day for sleeping. For the older felines, the number of hours that they need to rest can reach up to 18 to 20 hours per day. Therefore, if your cat is napping, just don't bother the creature. Just leave the food on his/ her sleeping area for later consumption.



Catnip can induce a certain feeling of euphoria and joy to cats. Just by smelling this plant, your cats can already reach a state of unstoppable happiness and joy. It is way better than food or cat treats! That's a thing that I can guarantee.

Technically speaking, catnip contains a special oil called nepetalactone. When smelled, the oil immediately binds to the protein-based receptors that are active in stimulating the sensory neurons of cats.

The effects of catnips vary from one cat to another. I have a pet cat that doesn't react to this plant. However, most of my Persian cats and Ragdolls can get "high" from sniffing this item. They can quickly trade eating for a dose of this beautiful and mystifying plant. If you want to distract or tame a cat with a tantrum, you should try offering catnips to them. It can do the trick.

A Conducive Environment

A Conducive Environment

Well, your cat likes to stay indoors and be idle. They can go on a day without doing anything except for eating and sleeping. However, you should never forget the fact that cats are still creatures of the wild. They might be safe inside, but it could make them grow weary, too. That's the irony that you have to balance to ensure that your pet feline would never grow sickly.

Take note that a sedentary lifestyle can also contribute adverse effects to cats. It is not only humans who can suffer from sitting on the couch and doing nothing. Exercise is necessary for your pet to avoid obesity and diabetes. But you can't do this if you don't have a conducive and stimulating environment in where you can let your cats run around and roam freely.

Fortunately, there are alternatives routes that you can take from here. You can always let your cats climb on cat towers or customized perches. Some interactive toys that are especially suitable for cats can stimulate their senses, too.

In fact, you can always rearrange your house for it to be more spacious for them. You can open your windows or blinds and let them watch flying birds and people passing by near them. They are very amused by these sights. Your cat will choose to dawdle and play on a stimulating surrounding overeating. That's a guarantee.

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The Cat Owner

The Cat Owner

Surprise! The most favorite thing about your cat is you! Don't get flattered! Just like other pets, cats are always inclined to purr around their owners. They love to rub their bodies on your feet just to get your attention. It is their way of showing that they love you and you should treasure that at all cost. After all, it is still you that gives them the most affection and care that they need.

About the study released by Oregon State University, cats like to interact with people rather than food. The research suggested that your kitty will trade food for your scent alone. Of course, this is not an absolute fact, as situations may vary. But the bottom line is still this: your cat will always choose you. And for me, that's the most delighting thing a cat owner would like to experience!

Food Or You? It Is Always You

These are some of the things that your cat would dig over food. Do you know more other stuff that your cat loves more than the food bowl that is in front of your feline? Tell me in the comment section below!

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