About Me!

Hi, I’m Lucy Sheppard, founder of Pets In Live. I love pets, especially dogs not because I did not find someone trustworthy out there, but because they are just adorable. How many times I felt their love when I returned home after a hard day’s work. My dogs never let me sleep without patting me on my back for all the good work I have done. Phew, they do make me a complete woman.

Do you wait like me to go home and meet your cute friend and have his paws crawl all over? Do you silently enjoy the dances these beautiful creatures do when you enter your home?

My love for these true friends of humans turned into a passion. I understood that people like me crave to give the best to their pets. Every year, we witness the release of hundreds of pet products appearing in the market. It is quite difficult to trust a product by just looking at its colorful label. This passion led me to start this pets product review website so that people like me can benefit from my study and research.

I ensure that my reviews are not biased, and assure you that they are quite informative. I believe in putting forth both the pros and cons of a product. It will help you evaluate for yourself if the product is good for your pet, and if you should buy or skip them. I’m confident my candid reviews will assist you in making a better and well-informed decision.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family who loves and shares my passion. You will find me holidaying with my two kids when I am not writing these reviews.