Gopher as Pets

Few Turns ground squirrel as a pet. It looks like a beaver only two gopher large front teeth.

Gophers rarely bite, they often do so in self-defense. If you bring the animal at an early age, it would be a good pet.

Gophers do not grow larger. They can be about 12 centimeters in length.

Gopher is necessary to provide a large space, and note that he likes to dig the tunnels, because it must provide something to meet the needs digging.

Animal feed is the leaves, roots, dandelions, and alfalfa. It’s easy to find food for ground squirrels. Lucerne can be purchased at any time of year at the pet store. In winter you can put in a pot of some suitable plant to feed their pet.

And, of course, the cell must be a bottle or a dish of water.

Do not forget to communicate with the gopher. The more you spend time with him, the sooner he gets used to you. If you want to pass on to another place, then gently bring your pet’s tail. Otherwise, it can be very painful to bite you.
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